• 07-31-2020
    Big Bear Lake Route Suggestions
    Headed to Big Bear Lake for first time. Looking for a suggested route.

    I've heard good trails include Voodo, Gene's, Crack, Canaan, Pine and Fern (maybe more). However, I don't know how to put a ride together for the best result.

    Looking for 3 to 4 hours. I'm in fairly decent shape and don't plan on long stops. I saw a race loop suggestion, but the course didn't look like it included the hardcore stuff I've heard about (maybe I'm wrong on that). I'm not a big jumper, but am not ashamed to go-around if the overall trail kicks ass.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • 07-31-2020
    My wife and I rode there a few weeks ago and had a blast! Imo the race course is hit or miss, we stuck to the more technical trails for the most part. If my memory serves me correct we did Fern-Genes-Swamp Trail East- Roadside Trail-Jump Trail- Voo Doo Rocks-Crack Trail-More Crack( I would skip this)-Swamp Trail West-Part of Race Loop back to camp. I remember riding Little Canaan last year and really enjoying that too. There is some fantastic riding at Big Bear! Hope this helps.
  • 08-10-2020
    I don't think big bear is open to non-property owners right now. Double check before you head that way.