Action Alert: George Washington Nat'l Forest bike access-
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    Action Alert: George Washington Nat'l Forest bike access

    Fellow Mountain Bikers,

    Sorry to make you work, but bike access for the George Washington National Forest is threatened, and we need you to write letters NOW, by Jan. 27, to ensure we can continue to enjoy this world class mountain biking area. I've posted the details on the Virginia Bicycling Federation website:

    We've given you an example letter to write, but if you have other ideas about why biking in the GW is important, feel free to express those too.

    As fellow VBF board member Chris points out, just a few hundred letters can turn the tide on this one. With all the mountain bikers in VA and WV, we should easily be able to accomplish this. Chris is also our Virginia state representative to IMBA, and a major evangelist for mountain biking ino our state. He works hard on these matters on all our behalf, so let's not let him down.

    Please pass the word to your mailing lists, mention it on your blogs, and share it in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.)

    And please, write a letter yourself!


    Matt O'Toole
    Communications Chair
    Virginia Bicycling Federation

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    First of all, I am in no way saying this isnt a good idea and I do believe everyone should do it. But I would like to possibly interject a slightly different take on things because we are such a minority compared to what we are up against.

    Isn't there some way to just focus efforts on getting the actual definition of what is acceptable in wilderness designated areas to include non-motorized bikes rather than the constant never ending battle fight against new wilderness areas being established? Is IMBA doing this, or have attempted to take that route in the past? To me it seems like the only real way to save mtb access for the simple reason it would be a much larger unified group that would include riders and groups from the entire country speaking out at once. The problem is the number of riders state by state and area by area that will speak up about this doesn't seem to form a voice big enough simply because there really are not that many who ride in natl forest lands. (unfortunate because thats where the "real" mountainbiking is) More people ride in some suburban mtb parks in a single day than ride some of those gw forest trails in a month. And most of those people could care less about trails that they don't ride.

    Again, I urge everyone to make an effort to write letters!!! but... I am also a realist and know we are a fly on a wall compared to the powers of wilderness supporters, so I think the US mtb community needs to come together as a whole and attack this a different way. Thats just my half-baked opinion
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    Good point oldnoob.
    Before I got into Mtn Biking, I had always been a staunch supporter for designated wilderness area. I support non motorized access to these areas. This is a great idea, just how much support do you suppose is out there to allow biking in wilderness areas? Riding a bike has got to be less intrusive then horses...

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