• 02-12-2018
    2018 Monstercross: Cross bike or Hard tail?
    Weatherwise, the forecast looks good, so far.

    Very good chance that I'll be down there for my first go at it, but not sure whether to take my cross bike with 38c Ritchey Megabite tires or my hardtail with regular mtb tires (Maxxis AR front and Ikon rear, if it makes a difference).

    I might swap out the front on the cross bike with a WTB Riddler 45c, but not really feeling the super low height center and transition knobs.

    Have poured over the various youtube videos and discussions here (wonder how that woman who crashed hard last year is doing?).

    If you had the choice for the 50miler, which one would you take, cross bike with 38c tires or a hard tail? Or is it like comparing apples to oranges?
  • 02-16-2018
    I'm pretty sure that the winner for the last few years has been on a hard tail. I've done it the last 3 years and every year, I see a lot of cross bikes fixing flats.
    I'm about an hour west of Richmond, but I know everything around here is still pretty soft. With more rain forcast for tonight into tomorrow, I would think Pocahontas will be soft too.
  • 02-23-2018
    I missed this year (opt'd for a big training weekend at endurance levels) but saw lots of highlights and race reports how did it go?
  • 04-03-2018
    Sorry for the late reply, but the race went well. Took the cross bike with Ritchey tires but noticed many with file treads. Trail conditions were excellent. A couple of non consequential muddy spots. First time riding on dirt this year for me and didn't quite get in the groove in digging in the side knobs on the turns.

    Seemed like a guy hit the ground hard right after the slight downhill with gravely bottom left turn onto a bridge, at the beginning of race. One guy was saying that every year somebody wipes out there. Not sure if its the high speed slight gravel turn or high speed turn in the dry wooden bridge. The guy was on the ground after the bridge.

    Hard to schedule this race as it's over a holiday, but if the conditions are the same then I'll definitely go with Riddlers the next time on the cross bike.

    I slowed down a bit in stream crossings primarily over concerns in rim strikes and punctures, but orange seal was great with no flats at something like 31/33 psi. I think that quite a few guys punctured going through stream crossings - with rocks at the stream bed - at speeds too fast for their setup and psi, imho.

    Tried cranking it up a few miles from end but got cramps about half mile from end on a short uphill and got passed by a few people that I had just passed.

    Finished top 88%. Lolol [emoji38]