Hey everyone. I don't know too much on the engineering side of this, but it seems like one of the main reasons it's taken so long to come upon effective rear suspension designs that remain active when pedaling, and that don't act weird under braking, is the nature of most bicycle drivetrains- the angle then chain makes when you're in the 22-30 compared to the 42-11 is quite different, which in turn means that pedaling in each gear has a somewhat different effect on the suspension.
But with an internally geared hub, the chain always works on the rear suspension in the same way when pedaling, so it seems like you could just make a single pivot bike with the pivot placement optimized around that one single gear. And front derailleur placement would no longer be an issue.
I know that most of these problems have been more or less solved by now so it's a moot point, but I'm just looking back and wondering what you all think.