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    What's a good, inexpensive paint job?

    I just picked up a steel hardtail. The paint condition is fine but I'm thinking about changing the color. What is a good way to repaint it without spending more than the $100 I paid for the frame?

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    I repainted an old steel hardtail a few years ago with rattle can of auto body paint I picked up from a local auto body supply shop. It was maybe $15 for the paint and primer. I spent an awful lot of time stripping the old paint off and prepping the frame though....it seemed like I took forever but in the end it was worth it.

    I think I did a reasonable job considering it was my first try at it. Most people can't tell it's a DYI paint job unless they look close.
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    I'm yet to paint a bike, but I've been painting small parts for auto restorations for years. It's not hard to do, but it's time intensive to do it right.

    If you go the spray bomb route, pick up one of the pistol grip adapters so you don't have to deal with finger cramps from pressing the can's nozzle. It helps you keep your finger out of the spray pattern too. Here's a link to what I'm talking about http://www.hardwareandtools.com/invt/6146807

    The downside of a spray bomb job is that there's no hardener in the paint like would be in the mix if the paint was sprayed with a proper spray gun and compressor. So, the paint is easily scratched. I recommend either using an Industrial branded paint, or visiting an auto paint supplier to have it mixed. Things may have changed since I last had a spray bomb mixed up, to where it's possible to mix hardener in a spray can now.

    Another tip is to be sure that you clean the bare frame throughly with prep-sol, and once it's clean, always handle it with some sort of latex or rubber glove on. If you touch it with a bare hand, clean it again. That one tip alone has been worth all the hours I wasted watching "American Hotrod". Or was it "Monster Garage" .. anyway ....

    I have a compressor, and picked up a cheap Harbor Freight gun that does a good enough job for me, something like this one http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...emnumber=47016. I'd probably get a smaller gun if I was painting a bike, because there'd be a terrible amount of paint wasted since the spray pattern is a lot bigger than the tubing diameter.
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    nice tips bob, thanx. good info

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    Powder coating around here is only $40-$60

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