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    what is this?? chrome frame / forks

    hello mtbr members,
    my name's patrick. i'm new to this forum but not new to bikes.

    i started racing bmx in the 70's and quit in the mid 90's. about 8 years ago, i saw a buddy of mine had some vintage bmx stuff at his house and the bug came rushing back. needless-to-say...i've been hardcore riding again and collecting vintage stuff ever since.

    what brought me here, is searching for some MTB experts to possibly help out. i'm a member on other old school bmx sites but have recently acquired a mountain bike frame a fork and have no idea what it is. i got it with some bmx stuff and can't seem to get a definite answer from anybody so i figured i'd ask here.

    can anybody help me out and tell me what i have???

    any help is appreciated. thanks

    what is this??   chrome frame / forks-img_4114.jpgwhat is this??   chrome frame / forks-img_4116.jpgwhat is this??   chrome frame / forks-img_4117.jpgwhat is this??   chrome frame / forks-img_4115.jpgwhat is this??   chrome frame / forks-photo.jpg

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    Ross Mt Hood, maybe from 1986/1987..

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    I second that...Ross

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    cool, thanks fellas.

    appreciate it.

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    Yes I know this is an old thread. The serial number give some information.

    The serial number is from the Frame manufacturer Dodson of Taiwan, DS=Dodsun.

    The first digit, 8, and the next digits, 04, are the year and month of frame manufacture. 1988 April.

    I do not remember Ross using imported frames for MTBs in 1988.

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