• 09-25-2019
    Suspension Forks - circa 1976
    Too bad these guys weren't hanging out with the klunker crowd back in 76...

    Check out those forks!

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  • 09-25-2019
    I want those clothes.
  • 09-25-2019
    Uncle Grumpy
    They were hanging out together not long after that. Well, kind of.

    If you ever get the chance to watch Joe Kid on a Stingray, which is a great doco about the birth and progression of BMX, there are a few folks in it that were pivotal in the development of mountain bikes. They weren't at the start of the story with Charlie, Gary, Joe and Tom, but once things got kicked off they were there with innovations and products. Steve Potts is one, the Cook Brothers are others.

    I had a BMX like that. It was heavy...