Supergo Access Comp SL

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  • 01-17-2012
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    Supergo Access Comp SL
    I just picked up this full XT group. It came with a free Supergo frame!

    Seriously, I know this is not exciting in the least, but I was happy to pick up a full XT gruppo for $25. RM 20 rims, old Turbo saddle, and I was surprised to see a
    Columbus tubing sticker on the frame. I wouldn't mind coming across more of these, as they are good parts bikes.

    Anybody buy one of these new back in the day just for the parts?

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  • 01-17-2012
    I didn't do it then but I would sure do it now and donate the frame to the bike kitchen. :)
  • 01-17-2012
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    Greetings djmuff;
    I bought this one in 1988 after reading a test in MBA. I was pleasantly surprised at the
    Quality: Tange Prestige fully lugged w/fillet seattube/toptube, and Prestige unicrown fork.
    I've put MANY miles on it over the years, initially cross country and later as a commuter in Germany, now it's back to cross country and local trails. Believe me nothing compares to the great feeling of a guality steel frame: Resilient, responsive, lively and with proper care will last forever I'm still in love with it and ride it often.
  • 01-17-2012
    Looks like you got a nice Falsa stem too.