I was wondering if anybody has heard of this brand. I picked up a bike from the thrift store for $7 planning on making it into my around town, campus cruiser. I discarded most of the parts (Shimano 200GS) except for the crank arms and wheels. I was going to either build it up as a gearie (if I am feeling lazy that particular day) or make it into a single speed.

Im sure if anything, this was either a sporting goods store brand or a low-end bike shop brand (probably marketed by a more famous maker). I know it isn't total crap because it is made out of 4130 steel, has a built in derailleur hanger, two bottle cage mounts, and has a nice fastback seatstay/seatpost binder setup.

Obviously, the bike is from the early 90s based on the parts that were on it. It has some super slack angles and weighs a ton (7.5 lbs for the frame alone). I don't really care because it will be my beater bike that I ride to class and take on road trips. Plus, I have nearly everything to built it up, so I'm figuring my total cost including the initial cost of the bike will be around $20-25. I can take a picture of it is that woulkd help make a positive ID. Thanks.