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    Rust on my seat post

    Almost never adjust my seat post height. Can't remember the last time I moved it. I went to swap out my seat and found this rust residue on the seat post when I pulled it out of one of my old steal bikes. There is rust residue on the inside of the seat tube as well.

    Any suggestions on how I should clean it up and what I should do about the rust and residue on the inside of my seat tube? Is there some kind of chemical I should use to clean it up and/or treat it with to prevent future rust?

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    Provided that the post came out without too much hassle, this is what I'd do. Pick up a can of T9 boeshield from your LBS and a flex-hone from the hardware store. Remove the bottom bracket. Spray some T9 down the seat tube and let it soak in for about 30 seconds. Use a drill with the flex-hone and hone the seat tube with it. You don't have to go nuts. A good 10 seconds of honing should do it. Give the seat tube another blast with the T9 and then clean out any crap that falls down into your bottom bracket shell. Make sure you scrub out the threads in the shell with a stiff bristled brush and wipe clean with a rag. Spray a little more T9 in the shell, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe away any excess. Grease the threads (or better yet, use copper anti-seize if you've got it) and reinstall the BB and cranks. Clean the rust residue off of your post (T9 works well for this too), grease the inside of your seat tube and then insert the post. You should be well protected after that.

    If you've got some extra time on your hands, you can actually treat the rest of the frame with T9 while you have the post and BB removed. Many frames will have relief cutouts for the top tube and seat stays which are accessible through the top of the inside of the seat tube, and for the down tube and chain stays which are accessible through the BB shell. Tilt the frame around so you can spray down each of these tubes and then let the frame sit for about 15 minutes. Sometimes there are even tiny holes in the ends of the stays that can be treated without going through the frame. Just stick the spray can straw in them and spray.

    Specific frame saver sprays can also be used for this job, but I like the versatility of the T9, as it's also great for cleaning and lubing derailleur and brake pivots, as well as other odds and ends on bicycles.

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