Reviving an old Klein Pulse Comp-
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    Reviving an old Klein Pulse Comp

    Right now my son is riding on my dad's old Raleigh M50. The seatpost was frozen solid and my dad really buggered up the seat tube trying to get it out. It sat with part of a seat post frozen in the seat tube for a dozen years. My son started really getting into riding and while we were over at my parents a couple of months ago my dad gave him his old bike. We got the seat tube out but the seat tube was flared really badly and didn't work right. I did some redneck engineering and got a seat post in that will hold his weight and have been keeping an eye out for a cheap replacement frame.

    Managed to snag a XS sized Klein pulse comp for $50. A little rough looking but solid enough. Small ding in the top tube and lots of paint chips. We're going to strip the frame body filler in the dents and do a rattle can paint job before we move all the parts from the Raleigh to the Klein.

    His old bike needed a new Bottom Bracket so I picked up a new BB to go in the Klein.

    The Girvin Vector II has a 1" steerer. I picked up some 1 1/8" to 1" head tube adapters to re-use the old headset.

    New bike needs a front derailleur with a 34.9mm clamp. Not going period correct just ordered a new Altus unit from Amazon so I could get it here by the weekend.

    Also going non-period correct 160mm Suntour XCT Junior cranks. The 175's were just a little to big for him and I think he lead to him gassing out using the big bike.

    Realized there is no rear brake hanger so I'm going to have to move to V's in the rear. The old LX RF+ shifter/brake combo will have to go. Going to pull the Altus shifter and brake lever off his 24" bike. Already put Maguras on the front end a couple of weeks ago (not pictured in his bike picture).

    So here is the before:

    Aircraft stripper took the paint right off. Body filler is curing and will do sanding and prep for paint tonight. I hope to get a coat of primer on it tonight. Using Rustoleum aluminum primer. I've never used it before so we'll see how well it works.

    My son wants to keep the Girvin (because it's cool and different). I'd love to find an upper link mount so I can get him out of the 130mm stem but no such luck the last couple of months finding one. If anyone had an upper link mount of a old Girvin fork and wants to get rid of it...

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    Nice! I had a Pulse Comp (early Trek) for my son for his first 26er, I think it was the 13 or 14" frame (he's now 15yrs old, nearly 6'5" rides an XL 29er...). Ours was a great little bike, light too, under 25# iirc. It had STX-RC components, which worked perfectly for him. I've got a photo of him racing some cx in a dust storm part of the course, - he's so little here! aww...
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    Kudos for keeping the Girvin.
    WTB: Bomber Z2 1 1/8 steerer, in good to excellent shape OR bomber rebuild kit.

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    Nice work! Looks great with the fork

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    Used body filler to fill in a couple of small dents. The largest bring in the middle of the top tube.

    A couple of coats of primer, several coast of base, and several coats of matte clear coat later. Hopefully I didn't just kill a big patch of grass in my yard

    Using my wife's Silhouette cutter I make some new Decals. Son was torn between red and lime green. In the end went with lime green to pick up on the hint of lime on his saddle (looks like the picture of his bike is with the old saddle). Looked like I lost a p! (I found it stuck to my forearm)

    Decaled and ready for assembly. I didn't reproduce the exact location on the frame as I thought the Klein logo was too far forwards so I put them on how I liked it instead of trying to reproduce a factory look. Also added a head badge even though the bike didn't have one at first. Now we have to start the process of moving parts over to the new frame from the old bike.


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    Doneish. Rear derailleur probably needs to be replaced. Brake housing I used on the rear is terrible and really needs to be replaced. Son loves it.


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