Anyone here remember the Raleigh Max Aluminium?

I got one for Christmas (I'm in UK) in the late 90s.

I think it was pretty expensive back then.. well.. considering. I think it cost my Dad like three or four hundred new.

Probably not worth 50 today. Haha.

Mine was pretty much identical to this one except mine was cream/white and red instead of black and red:

I was just wondering did anyone have one? Or what they were actually like?

Probably one of the first cheap full suspension bikes.. doubt they'd be much good.

26 inch wheels I think.

I still have mine, actually. I found it in a shed a few months ago and pulled it out, gave it a wash and blew the tyres up. Brakes need worked on.

It's still in mind condition.. I rarely rode it and when I did I looked after it.

I'll give it to my Dad.. he'd make use of it. Considering some of the bikes he rode when he was young I'm sure it seems like a top of the range bike to him, haha.