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    old mountain bike question

    Hey there. I'm relatively new to this site, and I was looking for some help. I have a 25 year old bike that I bought back in 1992-1994 timeframe. It is a Giant Sedona. I have done minimal maintenance on this bike. I'm trying to figure out if I should be doing anything with th e lower bracket, or the front or back hubs. i rode it a lot in the first 5-10 years, and in the last 4-5 years I ahve take it to the beaches, and riding it on some trails. I've never done bearings, or greased anything with the bracket, or the hubs. I'm trying to do things myself, so I'm looking at youtube to help guide meto some of these projects. My arms on the crank are Shimano Deora LXs. Does it even make sense to overhaul that, or does the cost make more sense to replace that?

    I still believe that this bike is better than the $500 new bikes I would get. I even looked at the new Sedona's, and I thought that it was a different style, and more designed for comfort.

    Any general, or specific help would be appreciated on DIY projects, or even where to find more information on this line of bikes.


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    You're looking at cables, pads, tires, tubes, probably a chain and possibly lots of other things adding up to a major fraction of what a new bike would cost. And once you're done, what you have will still be worth virtually nothing if you went to sell it. If you want to tinker, have at it. If you want to ride, get a new bike.
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    Yeah, I guess I shouldn't say that I haven't done anything. I have replaced tires, tubes, pads, cables. The bike runs okay, but I haven't done antying with hubs, or bottom bracket. I wasn't sure if people with these older bikes do stuff in a preventive nature with those items...or just fix something when a problem arises.

    Thanks @Long Ranger for the response.

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    You can check your hubs by spinning them and listening for creaks, same with the bottom bracket. They may be fine, or good enough. If you like your bike then a new bottom bracket isn't that expensive, and probably greasing the hubs wouldn't cost much. The small local bike shops seem better priced around here for that type of work vs the chain stores that want you to buy a new bike.

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    Where are you? My maintenance needs were a lot different in Oregon than Southern Cailifornia. Wiping the frame down once a year vs. complete teardown/rebuilds over the winter.
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    All those older parts with real ball bearings can and should be rebuilt every couple of seasons. Keep that bike running and it will keep working for a long time

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