Never-Ridden 1998 RockHopper... What to do?-
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    Never-Ridden 1998 RockHopper... What to do?

    This bike has been hanging on a wall since 1998. It has never been ridden. In fact, it's never been pedaled, sat on... nothing. I got it for my wife as a Christmas present. Winter... moved... had a kid... moved... had another kid... Poof! it's 2020.

    I can't imagine it has a value to anyone wanting to ride it. But maybe Specialized would want for their HQ in the lobby museum? A Specialized dealer? Yeah, I know... that's why it has just been hanging on the wall(s) for over 21 years.

    Never-Ridden 1998 RockHopper... What to do?-img_6797.jpg

    Any ideas? Leave it another couple decades and see if Specialized is still in business?
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    You ride it, man. Bikes are meant to be ridden. A bike not used, not scratched, not with dirt on it is a sad bike.

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    Needs to stay on a wall but not your wall. Public place like a Spec dealer or a bike-themed restaurant / brewpub, etc. Itís perfect; donít soil it now ó that would be a tragic. Either donate it to a homeless person or donate it to a business thatíll display it (much preferred). But donít ride it. Itís still a virgin. Once its virginity is gone, itís never coming back.

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    Shoot man, that bike is amazing. I'd ride it. Perhaps there is a little value in it's immaculate condition, but it's still old, but not quite old enough, school, so there really isn't a huge market for it. I'd guess you would be lucky to get $300 bucks for it. Ride it as is, convert it to a graveller, make it an urban assault bike, whatever, just get it off the wall! If you do sell, I know a guy...
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