Need advice for old suspension fork-
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    Need advice for old suspension fork

    I gave my old MB to my sister. It was a mid 90's Specialized M2 FS Comp with a Rockshox Judy XC fork. The bike is in excellent condition but the fork is toast. The elastomers are completely shot and not sure about the rest of it. So I need to either get a rebuild kit or replace it entirely.

    My sister is a complete beginner and really doesn't want to spend a lot of money on the fork. So I am hoping that just getting some new elastomer plugs will work. So my questions are:

    1. Is it likely that the elastomers just need replaced and the shock will work? Or is it more likely that other internal working could be shot too?

    2. I don't know where to even begin to look for something like this, any ideas?

    3. It may be wiser to just get a new SUS fork, but I would need one with post mounts for V Brakes and just need something relative inexpensive, any ideas?

    Hope I can get some solution to this. We did a ride this week on just a temporary rigid fork and she really enjoyed it. The bike still works like a champ, getting a functioning suspension going again on the front would really make a great bike for her.

    Thanks much for any ideas.

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    If you apply the front brake and there's lots of rocking back and forth, the seals are worn. You can pack them with heavy grease but the rocking, floppy feel will come back.
    The elastomers for judy forks are no longer available to buy but you can Buy some 1 inch round urethane stock, cut to length and drill a hole in the middle. I suggest 40a. That's what I did and it worked well.

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    The first Judy's had a plastic damping cartridge body that didn't last long.

    Maybe '96 they switched to aluminium which lasted better and more rebuildable.

    Remove the remains of the elastomers and cycle the fork and see if you can feel any obvious rebound damping.

    Maybe that still works.

    You can get elastomers off the shelf but not cheap.

    Really, these old forks are not much better than low level coil spring forks made now.

    I rebuilt my '96 Judy SL a while ago and even then it was nothing special.

    Personally for a beginner I'd look for a basic budget modern fork and maybe try to sell the Judy off.

    You will be limited on how long a fork you can put on - 75mm at the very most I'd suggest.
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