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    Mountain Cycle Build

    Tried this in the 26" section and didn't get a response. Hopefully this works better


    I have a SA frame that I'm looking to build up. I have the following parts on hand and am looking to build up a bike to do a 200+ mile trail ride next year. I know this isn't the best frame - but it has been my dream bike for quite some time and I got the frame for free.

    Marzocchi Roco Air Lite 166x38 - only thing I bought for this frame...
    RD-M786 Rear Derailleur
    FC-M900 Crank
    ST-M900 Shifters/brakes
    Marzocchi double/triple crown fork - don't know where the PN is...
    Mavic 221s w/huge discs.
    Threaded Dean Ti Stem

    Any ideas for the best way to build this up? Thinking going 1x10...

    Don't want to spend a huge amount of money - but looking for suggestions.


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    200 miles on a SA with a Marzocchi Jr/super t and 1x10 drivetrain sounds like a challenge.

    Hope the ride is in Florida.

    If you're hell bent on doing this trail ride on that frame I'd stay with a m900 triple or double with bash. And maybe try and borrow a 140-150mm single crown fork to shave some weight just for the trip.

    If you go 1x you can throw most of the parts you have on your list out the door.
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    It is in Washington State - what was the John Wayne has hills.

    I have a bash for the m900, but no gears on it - could buy 2.

    Thanks for the response. Was just thinking to go 1x10 so I didn't need to get 2 shifters.

    I could sell some of the kit. Not married to anything besides the frame and the air light - because you can't replace it with anything modern

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    yeah m900 shifters are 8sp, so 10sp?...

    Whats a threaded dean stem, you mean quill or is it threadless... (I imagine you want threadless to go with that fork.

    But yeah, that'll be hard, hard work on that ride.
    All the gear and no idea.

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    Was thinking I could sell them and buy a ten speed and then get new brake levers (and brakes)

    I could just stick with the 8 speed (I think I could still use the rear derailleur - although it is 10 speed and just get a front derailleur)

    Sorry it is a quill stem - I think I want to go threadless.

    It is really just a mess of parts - trying to find a economical way of just getting something to ride. That is good (for a 30 year old frame)

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    I'm a big San An Fan. I used one in a 24hr race for the night laps - soak up any errors was my theory and it worked. I sure make a lot of errors in the dark with fatigue on board!

    I'd be going with a 2x10 setup if you want to cover big miles. Of 3x8 if you want to tay with 8sp. Not sure if a 8sp shifter will work with a 10sp derailleur - the cable pull ratios might be different but I've not done it so might be talking out of my clacker on that one.

    If you're going treadless then that opens the options up for stem and bar combos. obviously more treadless forks out there, but you'll need a headset as well. Run a disc up front and a v brake at the rear, assuming the fork you get has disc mounts and the rear frame doesn't.

    The 8sp derailleur won't be too happy with the range of a 10sp cassette, being something like 11-36 or 11-40, 32 might be the biggest you'd get out of it but you could drop the derailleur down with a WolfTooth Road Link or similar doohickey.

    Best bet would be to ensure it all works by going with a 2x10 drivetrain that's made for itself and each other.

    And you can't come here boasting about a San An without photos! I wanna see some pics!


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