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    Kestrel CSX

    I'm just posting to see if anyone might have some information on this Kestrel CSX.

    My understanding is that it is from 1998, but I'm not certain. the original colour was a darker shade of blue. It has Deore LX gear on it, but I'm having trouble working out what the front forks are.

    It has features very similar to Manitou but I can't find an exact match.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    So, unless somone comes along and disagrees, i'm going with junky basic generic old RST or similar.

    Certainly nothing jumps out at me as better type.

    Got some closer pics?

    Nice bike otherwise!
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    Thanks for the comment!

    I'll have a look through old RST catalog pics and see if I can find it. No luck so far.

    The bike was gifted to my son from an old friend of mine, so I'm keen that he'd restore it initially rather than swap out bits.

    The forks work reasonably well, but they could do with a service.

    It's certainly a nice bike.
    Kestrel CSX-sidefork1.jpgKestrel CSX-sidefork2.jpg

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    Is it really a Kestrel CSX? I did a search for images and the only one that comes up looking like yours is yours. I had two of them and the frame didn't look like that. I agree with Craig in that it looks like an RST fork. Definitely not a Manitou. I had a few of those as well.
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    I don't think that's a kestrel. Looks like a mid 90's giant if I'm guessing. Parts are 1994 ish.

    Fork, I agree with RST, seems vaguely familiar.

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