found a bonty privateer at a yard sale: fork improvements?-
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    found a bonty privateer at a yard sale: fork improvements?

    couldn't pass for the thing for $5 even though i've got a few projects already in the works. who would, but this baby is rideable as found save some new brake pads, tires, and a shifter ferrule. well, then there's the fork...

    i believe this is a '96 model with a 1" steerer. the fork on it is an indy xc....and it's kinda clunky. not that the bushings are shot, i don't think. it still softens the ride pretty nice, it's just klunky compared to an air/oil fork that i'm more used to. i know...bushings and springs. i'm going to ride it as is, for now (since my other projects require more work to get them rideable), but i'm wondering in the future if there's any mod/improvement to made on it so it's smoother other than simply getting new/same type of internals? no big deal, if not. i just ask because i ran across one thread where some dude made his fork (albeit a different fork) into an oil damped

    input is appreciated!

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    as usual, i make a post....and continue to do some more reading....hehe

    this fork, it appears, is purely elastomer with no real hope for improvement except some pogo springs that i guess isn't really any improvement. i do have a Z2, but i have to press/swap out the steer tube with the one from the indy or just get another. the latter i'd rather do. anyone ever pressed a steer tube from a Z2 crown? straight forward stuff? it's not cemented in, is it?

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