One of the benefits of my lecture tour (with Joe Breeze) in England last summer was that I connected with the UK MTB scene movers and shakers.

Joe and I are the subjects of a lengthy article in the current issue of Cranked magazine. (Scroll to the right)

Also, the Mohawk Quarterly, a design magazine, devoted 30 of 80 pages to the Fat Tire Flyer. (Starts on page 50)

Fat Tire Flyer UK & Europe is my new commercial arm. First item on the agenda will be Fat Tire Flyer t-shirts. When I printed them recently here I got so much interest from that side of the Atlantic that it made more sense to print them there for European distribution.

FTF branded items already include the logo tire levers/SRAAM chain tool. We plan to do a line of other branded products such as jerseys and hats.

My UK associates will also be preparing the ground over there for next year's lecture tour.

Fat Tire Flyer brand goes International-fattireflyer.jpg

Made by Clever Tools, these two tire levers hook together to create a SRAAM chain tool.

Fat Tire Flyer brand goes International-clever1.jpgFat Tire Flyer brand goes International-clever2a.jpg