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    DBR Vertex

    So a while back I scored a pretty sweet DBR Vertex.


    I guess I should have introduced my self...I am Costefishnt, or as my parents call me curtis.
    I am a redneck from Florida.

    As a child i used to race BMX, then got into MTB in my teens and 20's. got old, got married, had kids and spent more time hunting, fishing, and shooting.
    hitting the midway point in life the belly was at keg size, I missed riding. rode an old schwinn before they became wal-mart crap.

    Now the story on the bike in question. I have exactly 0.00 dollarsin this bike.
    A guy at work found the bike in his neighbors trash. he gave it to a lady at work. when I heard tell this story I went to said lady and asked about the bike. she said she just wanted something to ride.
    Well I have kids, and my daughter is way to important and cool to ride a bike, so I took her old mongoose (girls) cheapo bike, added some parts from a couple of donar bikes and offered the lady a trade.

    When the bike arrived at work I was shocked, as all i knew was it was a diamond back. the bike has rock shocks toras, Magura race-line d caliper style brakes and levers
    srt boox-1 twist shifters shimano deor xt/ x7 derailer and whatever the back gear changer is called, mavic x517 wheels.
    it is aluminum which was pretty grey. I spent about four hours with a polishing wheel and it cleaned up very nicely. no dings, minor chain love, however the decals where in pretty bad shape and where removed.

    I have serviced the bike and she rides very well.
    Get you some pics.
    polish to her original glory (Tips please-polish, methods from the pros???)
    find a decal set, (however I have mixed feelings on which way to go I like old stuff with new modern twists. Thinking about getting a newer DBR decal set-Thoughts?)
    ride the ever loving snot out of it. We have some nice trails that end at places where we can shoot our guns without fear of hurting someone or property. (Ranges cost money, therefore free is better) and as well use it for fitness too.

    So what say yall on this trash pile find. from what I can find on the intardnets it was a pretty pricey bike back in 95. as I mentioned it rides like a dream, very light and I can still ride a wheelie!

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    MY DBR Vertex

    Bought this sweet little Vertex for my wife back when it was new.

    DBR Vertex-dsc_0002_01-685x1024-.jpg

    DBR Vertex-dsc_0001-1024x685-.jpg

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    Wow nice ride man!! Good deal too:P

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    mine is the poilished aluminum version. i can at least use your pics as a canvas to bring back 100% with some new stuff to modernize.

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