Could use any information on late 90's Rock Shock Judy part sourcing-
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    Could use any information on late 90's Rock Shock Judy part sourcing

    I've been looking for old Judy parts online with out much sucsess and had decided to ship my forks out to Hippy Tech for a rebuild but apparently he stopped doing shock work.

    I'm happy to rebuild them myself if I can get the parts. Can anyone help me out with finding Judy internal parts especially the bushings?

    I would replace the forks but the bike is a Bontrager with a 1" steer and I have little options. If I could get a 1" rigid fork for a decent price that wasn't a POS I would be happy to install it.

    Does anyone have a Bontrager rigid fork or a 1" steer suspension fork they would let go?

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    I do have sets of bushings if you need them. Also have some other 1" stuff, Mag crown/steerers, Manitou crown/steerers and maybe a couple more Marzocchi 1" steerers. Although I don't have any extra Marzocchi crowns.

    Probably have other internal Judy parts too. Have a pile of cartridges and other misc bits. No elastomers really, except the long one piece style for Indy forks.

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    I've rebuilt a few sets of Judys in the past year or so.
    Rebuild manual here:
    (You'll have to click on download in lower left)
    Service isn't so bad.
    Bike Recyclery bought the parts stock from Hippie Tech from what I've dug up. has elastomers available.
    Bushings? Hmm..not sure if/where to get new bushings.
    May have to buy a used set of forks off ebay, swap the lowers and hope for the best?

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    Thank you for the info guys.

    @wesMAmyke I'll shoot you a PM thank you. I'll take you up on the parts.

    @davez26 Thank for the manual I was about to go searching for that.

    I just want to ride for grins. I'm not out to be "hardcore" like I once was and I like the old bikes.

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