can you identify this bike?-
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    can you identify this bike?

    can you identify this bike?-118773061_1962543710545202_4059259115873928614_o.jpg

    I don't know anything about it. Someone local asked this about it in a different forum: "Looming for some help here. I picked this olí thing up recently and I want to rebuild it. In the process of trying to figure out what it is I got stuck. It has specialized ďSĒ stickers on it, and looks like itís from the early 2000ís but thatís all I know. Do any of yíall possibly know what this bike is?"

    It's definitely got the Horst link / FSR look to it. I was thinking maybe an old Enduro or SX Trail but it doesn't quite match up with what I can find.

    What do you think?

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    can you identify this bike?

    What is the marking on the head tube? Looks to be a pre-2000 FSR.

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    Not to be contradictory, and I have nothing to add, but that is in no way, shape or form, a Specialized, and I'd stake my reputation on that. Worked in Specialized shops from 88 till I opened my place in 2004, never saw anything remotely looking like that, coming out of a Specialized box.

    Some closer pics of the salient details of the frame, might be helpful. Dropouts, suspension linkage etc.

    Safe to assume, many or all stickers on it, are not necessarily factory, so many years after birth....

    Edit: Thinking more, I'm leaning towards something like a Titus, closer pics will help.
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    Itís not my bike and the guy isnít posting more photos. He did say this in response to Cayenne_Pepa:

    ďTim Maddux sadly no. The only markings are on the BB. The one is just a generic serial number and the other looks like its Kinesis USAĒ

    Kinesis appears to be a Taiwanese manufacturer that makes their own bikes, but they donít have anything on their site now thatís even close, and no bike archive. Even tried a 2010 version of their site on the wayback machine but no luck.

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    Kinesis was a factory in NW Portland. They made bikes for a lot of companies, usually the higher end models. Diamondback was one, which this frame borrows ques from. I have no idea though.

    Anodizing Inc was another company producing high end frames for mainstream companies out of Portland. The extruded Specialized FRSs like the Elite came out of there.
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