Bottom bracket size question-
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    Bottom bracket size question

    Hi everybody. I can't believe I'm actually posting this in the vintage thread man does time fly.

    I currently have a late 90s early 2000 airborne titanium Lucky strike mountain bike I used to race competitively back in the day when this bike was top of the line.

    Well I have dusted it off and I'm just getting back into mountain biking and I need a new bottom bracket.

    The one that's on there I don't feel was ever the right one because it always creeked. I have recently replaced the bearings and tightened everything up but it's still Creek so bad I can't stand it.

    I would like to get a new bottom bracket but every time I call somebody they ask me what size it is and I don't know.

    Can somebody please shed some light on me or teach me how to take some measurements. Or tell me what size bb I have.

    The one that is in there now has no size on it other then the name. World class industries titanium.

    I apologize for the long-winded post but I really need some help on this please

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    Should be a normal 68mm BSA. What crankset do you have on it? The correct bottom bracket will depend on the crank, but as far as the frame goes, I'm 99% sure it's a normal english threaded BB with a 68mm shell width.
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    The bottom bracket that's in there now is a world-class titanium. With race face cranks I'll snap a picture this evening the bottom bracket may not even be the part that's creaking. I saw an article today that might be the chainrings are loose I'll give that a shot as well. Thank you for the reply. I also saw that sent it to titanium frame I may need some grease cert tI prep stuff between the threads

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    Pull the cranks and measure the spindle end to end. That number wil be X. The size you need will be 68 x X. Most likely 68x113

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