• 08-08-2015
    Blast on my rigid 1997 Specialized Rockhopper and 2001 Specialized Endure
    I was thinking about cleaning out my garage and getting rid of my '97 rigid Spec. Rockhopper and '01 Spec. Enduro, both of which I haven't ridden in several years. I decided to take them out on some nice rooty rocky trails just for some old school nostalgia and I'm having a blast ! Super fun to ride the rigid - really helps your riding form when using the rigid - I get a little lazy with my 6" travel bikes - makes these trails fun again after becoming a bit boring having ridden so many times. Still has the original Spec. Ground Control and Ground Master tires (gum sidewall) - still grippy! I used to ride the heck out of this bike and it's still bomb proof after all these years - Requires almost no maintenance at all. Also riding my '01 Spec Endure, same trails. The 100mm suspension fork still soaks up the roots and rocks - smooth as butter and has NEVER been serviced. The rear coil has always been way to 'bouncy' but no malfunctions. I'm definitely keeping these bikes now - having way too much fun to sell them. Now my MUCH MUCH MUCH more expensive and capable 160mm travel bikes are getting a rest and maybe collecting a little dust. Seems weird, but going old school, low tech is sometimes more fun than the latest and greatest>
  • 08-09-2015
    Much like beer, all bikes are fun, some are just more fun than others.....