American Breezer Year?

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  • 05-12-2019
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    American Breezer Year?
    This American Breezer was donated to our all-volunteer charity. For the past six years we have given over 2500 (yes, 2500) refurbished bikes each year to the needy in the Rochester NY area. We have also provided about 4000 free repairs to the community each year. We sell items like this to help to pay our expenses. Check us out at

    We just got this American Breezer but I'm not sure about the year i was sold. I Know it's 1987-1990. The serial number is B8024. It is Full XT except for LX hubs. The rear dropout is solid and does not have a separate derailleur hanger that I have seen on some photos.

    If this is the appropriate place to ask about value, that would be helpful. If this is not the right forum, please direct this newbie to the proper place to ask that question. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    PS, not sure about how many pics I can upload for a thread. More available.

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  • 05-12-2019
    All I can say is I picked up an American M16 several years back, with the matching stem, XT kit, for under $500.

    Can't speak to what added or lost value being a Breezer brings to the table, but I'd say safely $4 to 500 would be reasonable, and be willing to dicker if you get a hot buyer who's waffling a bit.

    Nice that someone gave that up to you guys, most of the stuff I get for you isn't nearly that awesome! =:)
  • 05-13-2019
    Thanks very much. We appreciate the bikes you save for us. This is going to clean up really nice. Iíll probably start it on the local craigslists.
  • 05-13-2019
    Yep, some good metal polish, and that thing will SHINE!!
  • 05-13-2019
    I have a comp lite from the same time frame, fantastic ride.
  • 06-04-2019
    one piece crank
    I worked at Mark's Bike Shop during that Era and we were an American Breezer dealer. Each frame was shipped with a small sample-size tin of Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding. This stuff is truly magic and will bring that frame right back to it's factory polished finish.
  • 09-01-2019
    dont know if you were still looking for reply but this should be 87! 88 and 89 both looked different
  • 03-19-2020

    Don't know if you always looking for an answer.
    When I look at the serial number of my may 1988 American Breezer, I will say that your's is earlier (beginning 1988 or certainly 1987)