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    New question here. '98 Rock Shox Judy Xc (I think)

    This was originally posted here:

    I was just given a '98 Rock Shox Judy Xc and I just wanted to know if it is serviceable or if there is somewhere I can get a new cartridge for it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was of the impression they were serviceable, at least the 96 version is. Maybe later cartridges were not?


    Keep an eye on eBay, aftermarket cartridges from Risse and White Bros come up from time to time.
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    I think the plastic cartridges are non-serviceable - the later aluminum ones can be opened (a circlip I think) and refilled with new oil (which will then proceed to leak out).

    A couple of companies made superior aftermarket cartridges - check eBay or ask at an established LBS.
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    The man that can answer your questions and rebuild your vintage forks can be found at Hippie-Tech Suspension.

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    What's the travel? A seller on ePay currently has replacement Risse cartridges listed for 95-97 Judy forks in both 75mm and 63mm travel. Much better than the original plastic versions which were total effing garbage. My LBS told me to avoid these like the plague because they were so unreliable at the time.

    You could probably even do better and change over the entire fork for a much better performing Marzocchi Z2 (65mm travel) with the interchangeable steerer tubes. You would have to purchase one second hand and they are heavier than the Judy because they are actually made from metal rather than plastic (as is a Rock Shox Judy).

    Edit for additional info:

    Probably best to try and overhaul the fork as it was specifically designed to match the Bontrager frame geometry. Using the Risse cartridge and an aftermarket spring upgrade should give the fork a much better feel; i.e. less of a pogo stick sensation that Judy's tended to have in stock form.
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    or look for englund total air cartridges. they're a complete replacement of the internals, and allow independent adjustment of compression and rebound damping. i have them on 2 of my old judies, and they work great. all that gets reused in the rebuild is the upper (stantions/crown/steerer), and the one-piece lower. add new wipers from enduro, and you can make them perform way better than they ever did new. you'll also save some weight. i have a '98 judy sl that weighs only 2.6 lbs with the englunds.

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    I'll second the air cartridges. I am on my second set in a 96 Judy SL. I have The air cartridge gives a much better ride than the original Judy inners.

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    if you can find it; I had a White brothers cartrige and spring combo witch was an awesome combo back in 96'. you could even bump up the travel a bit to 80mm
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