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    86% of my collection retrieved!

    86% of my collection retrieved!

    hello bike nerds,

    i have good news concerning my bike collection; last weekend i got 6 out of 7 back.
    i had to pay some money for them which is very weird but nevertheless i am happy.
    maybe you remember that my collection got stolen right before x-mas, i posted it here
    and i got a lot of sympathy from you guys, thanks for that!
    the danish police was not very helpful so i tried everything i could come up with to get
    them back. apart from flyers in the city i mailed to all the bike dealers i could find.
    that was was still in the old year. then nothing happened for more than a month until a bike
    dealer contacted me that one of his customers got my bikes offered.
    after quite some thinking i decided to go along with a deal and buy them back.
    weird **** and spooky people involved but for the equivalent of roughly one of my bikes i
    got six of them back.
    The Yeti Ti Arc and the Yeti Ultimate were locked together and i got the Ti Arc back with still
    the kryptonite new york fahgettaboudit lock attached to the toptube - meaning the Ultimate's
    toptube got cut. i didn't get the Ultimate back but it got obviously destroyed - savage thiefs.
    obviously the six remaining bikes cannot got back to the basement but having them stored in our three room flat is also not really an option.
    that's why i now decided to sell two of them.



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    congrats!! thats cool.

    now lets all have a minute of silence for the ultimate that gave its life for this stupid thief.

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    I have really mixed feelings for you! So sorry about the ultimate! Also, too bad you have to sell some so you can protect the rest. But, congratulations on working hard and getting the rest back.

    Thanks for the update. Not often people get to recover the bulk of their stolen prizes.

    Take care!

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    I'm glad that you got them back!!
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    Glad to hear you got them back, sorry to hear about the Ultimate. I prefer bike geek over bike nerd, just so you know.

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    Wow! Getting some back is way better than getting none back!

    Seems like its usually a lost cause when bikes get stolen, so this is encouraging.

    Congrats to you!

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    Good for you! And yes, condolences on the Ultimate....

    That shows serious restraint. I'd have had a hard time meeting them, without either the police in tow, or a shotgun in my trench coat......
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    Glad to hear that you got most of them back. Poor ultimate. Were you able to get any details to pass on to the police?

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    Man...too bad police don't take bike theft too seriously. At least now you know what the spooky folks look like. I hope you recorded the transaction somehow...

    Good for you! It's going to be tough for you to figure out which bike your selling.

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    How did the transaction take place without the scumbags not getting arrested?

    Can you explain? Sorry if I seem out of the loop!

    I want the bad people to have their faces caved in! More info!!!!

    glad you got some of your collection back! That's so rewarding for all of us.
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    The thought of a hacksaw being used on an ultimate makes my skin crawl.
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    I have had great luck in the past buying stolen bikes back for their owners on the "black bike market" for usually the retail value of the saddle alone. It does suck and the people are really shady. Makes you want to find a way to poison money...
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