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    30th Anniversary of Iditabike

    In 1987 the Fat Tire Flyer got a press release from a mountain bike club in Alaska about an event they planned to hold, a 200 mile mountain bike race on the Iditarod Trail. I published the notice and on that basis a number of riders from the Lower 48 took part.

    In an article riddled with typos, the local newspaper gave me personal credit for making it a national event.

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    I attended four times from 1987 to 1990. I recently posted a few of my photos on Facebook and the response was overwhelming. Sometimes I forget that I had these monstrous adventures, but this was definitely one of them. I camped with the dog teams on the Iditarod Trail on the coldest night I ever spent outside. That qualifies as adventure.

    Along with the photos, I am posting links to my own articles about the 1987 and 1990 Iditabike. In 1988 my friend Mark Forman made his first film about the Iditabike, and I am posting that link here also.

    One of the developments of the Alaska riders was the "Four Banger," two rims welded together and four tires, the precursors of the Fatbike.

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    1987 Iditabike

    1990 Iditabike

    Video of the 1988 Iditabike

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    A couple more

    30th Anniversary of Iditabike-iditabike_01.jpg

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    CK...always an honor to read your stories, man. I was sick for the last 3 weeks from frying my lungs in 7 degree weather. I can't imagine multiple days on Iditabike!! Spent my recovery time watching Klunkers again, combing YouTube for Repack vids and old member interviews... And of course Breaking Away.

    Then I started looking for Iditabike vids and articles.

    Awesome timing that you post this for me to chomp on... Thanks!

    ... And that 4-banger is a hoot!!

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