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    2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem

    Long story short. My son went to buy a wheelset from craigslist and was given this Klein frame in addition to the wheels. I'm pretty sure it is a 2000 Adroit Pro in Night Storm paint.

    The guy said he used a 1 1/8 fork on it, but half of the headset adapter stuff is missing. Unlike some Klein bikes, this one is 2" on the bottom and 1.75 on the top. The good news is that the top part of the adapter mechanism seems to be in place, but something is missing on the bottom.

    A 1 1/8 fork fits into the top snugly, and is way too small for the bottom.

    I have heard of 3 adapter systems:
    - The German Reset Racing bearings
    - Problem solvers adapter
    - Trek adapter

    Here is the bottom. There is something in there. A rubber ring and a metal bushing. ID of the bushing is about 1.6" (40mm).
    2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem-20160713_142502.jpg

    Here is the top. A 1 1/8 fork fits nicely. The black pieces above the frame rotate somewhat smoothly, like dirty bearings. The black pieces are tight, that gap between the frame and the flared top is not loose. I have not yet taken this apart, mostly because I don't know how.
    2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem-20160713_142520-large-.jpg

    Can anyone recognize the adapter mechanism in use here?

    I suspect I could simply buy the problem solvers kit and use it on the bottom. But I don't know what to do about the top. I'm pretty sure I can't use a fork/stem with starnut, due to the way the bushings are pressed in from the bottom on this frame. Also, there are undoubtedly some bits missing from the top. I don't think the problem solvers kit works on the 1.75 top part of the head tube.

    For all I know, the PO used a tapered fork and everything is already there for it, except the bottom part of a tapered headset.

    We already asked the nice guy we got it from, but he didn't fully remember, and then pointed us to the problem solvers adapter. He gave us the frame for free, so its not right to keep pestering him.

    Here is the whole frame in case anyone is interested.
    2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem-20160713_142559-large-.jpg


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    PM sent. I'll see what I can find out.

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    Super embarrassing. Turns out whatever was already in the frame was a proper adapter for a straight 1 1/8 fork. All I needed was a sealed bearing for the bottom. For some reason, I thought the adapter would allow a proper bearing *cup* to fit and not the bearing itself. Stupid, I know...

    Anyway, I built it up last summer. And I ride it sometimes. There is still a little binding in the steering, I think the top bearing might need to be replaced.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem-2018-08-26-08.40.17-medium-.jpg  

    2000 Klein Adroit Pro headset adapter problem-img_20180623_170556961_hdr-medium-.jpg  

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