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    1995? Gary Fisher Marlin $5 garage sale find

    Picked up this old Fisher.
    Stopped by a garage sale on the way home from a mountainbike ride on my 2008 Gary Fisher Procaliber. This bike was there, and the guy saw me eyeing it. "Five bucks!" he says...
    "Sold!" I say...
    Showed up at home and told the wife my Fisher spontaneously reproduced...
    1995? Gary Fisher Marlin  garage sale find-gary-fisher.jpg
    Cleaned it, polished it, and swapped tires and tubes in it, and adjusted things, and have been riding it back and forth to work (hence my coffee cup in the water bottle cage)
    Going to make this a commuter that I can take the long bumpy way home on if I want.
    Stem and bars are steel, and rusty, so I need to find some nicer ones. Also going to swap the pedals for some old school bear traps, or similar, and put new grips on, along with new cables and brake pads.

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    Awesome find. I had a 1992 or 3 Fisher Paragon, bright orange. It was a sweet ride back in the day. I turned it into a commuter with slicks. She rode nice. That's one of the ones that got away. I was stupid and sold it.

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    Great find. I'd prefer to find a rigid one as well rather than mess with a blown out garbage suspension fork from that era.
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    Brilliant, help

    Hi IndianaDave

    hoping you can help me. Iíve got an identical frame which Iíve been turning into a road/off road tourer as a lockdown project.

    my problem is I donít have the details on the original fork other than the offset (rake) was 38mm

    would you possibly be able to be a legend and measure the axel to crown lengh on that fork for me?

    keeping my fingers crossed

    john (glasgow, scotland)

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