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Thread: New Mount??

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    New Mount??

    Looking for advice ona new, or different mount for my GoPro, and thought maybe you guys could help with what works, and what doesn't.

    I'm currently using the GoPro Chesty mount, and I'm not entirely pleased with it. When I'm seated it's fine, but when I stand, or get off the seat, it pretty much shoots my bars, and very little of the trail. I don't want to add adapters to it, so that's why I'm here.

    Do the bar mounts work? What about the stem cap mounts? It seems like these would be very susceptible to vibration, or shock from the trail. I ride in AZ, and we have very few smooth trails out here.

    Any advice is welcome, and appreciated!!
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    Every mount has it's pros and cons and each person has their own preferences. Handlebar mounts, in my opinion, are one of the worst mounts you can use because 1) they are shaky as all get out and 2) when you move the handlebars, the view moves so you have horizontal excess along with the vertical shakiness.

    For the chesty mount, how are you aiming the camera? If you have it flat against your chest, it will point farther down especially if you stand up. If you haven't tried this, mount the camera upside down on the chest mount and then aim it up about 40 - 45% and when you are riding it will give you a very close to straight ahead view even if you stand up - the only thing about the chesty is make sure your harness is tight or you will get a lot of shakiness.

    If the chesty mount isn't your style, there are some other good options.

    1) Bottom tube mount - camera looking forward - you can get the front wheel/front fork on the video.
    2) Front Fork - get the front part of the tire.
    3) If your frame is compatible, mount a GoPro in front of the head tube.

    I would avoid the handlebar.
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    As Lawson already suggested, mount the chesty upside down, and angle it so that -- when you are sitting in your seat and looking down at the camera -- it appears it is pointing slightly above horizontal. Not only will it give you a better angle, but the weight of the camera hanging down will help stabilize the mount better. You can flip the video in post if your GoPro doesn't automatically record it right-side up.

    Handlebar mount pointed forward is often not that good, but handlebar mount pointed backwards at the rider, so you get the rider's face and torso, can be an interesting perspective. You'll need extension piece(s) to get the right framing.

    Behind the seat pointed backwards, with a bit of the rear tire in view is interesting, especially with a rider in close pursuit. It's a surprisingly stable position.

    If you have the GoPro session, then mounted to your fork lower, pointed backward at the pedals, forward, or up at you, can be interesting. GoPro sells a roll bar mount that works well for this. If you are rolling over slickrock, the resulting video is not as shaky as you might imagine.

    On the top-tube pointing forward.

    Gorilla-tripod shots from the ground, or suspended from a tree overhead.

    GoPro laying on the ground pointing skyward as you jump over it.

    I have some videos from Sedona posted on YouTube (same user id). My videos are crap, but I like to use lots of different mounts. Maybe they will give you some ideas.


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    I personally like helmet best as you is stable, and points to where the action is. With a Session, weight isn't really an issue. Set it for 960 instead of 1080 for more vertical coverage so you can see the bars in the view. If you look on Youtube at Ben Goyette's race videos (CX, XC, and enduro) you can see how they come out.

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    New Mount??

    A gimbal makes a great change in your videos. I mount mine on a chest mount and now my videos are seriously smoother and when I lean over the horizon stays in place

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