GoPro Overlays, with Garmin Data, in Premiere Pro-
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    GoPro Overlays, with Garmin Data, in Premiere Pro

    Bit of an oddball question. I like the overlays for riding, lets be honest, the riding isn't that exciting but the speed etc helps. I use a Garmin 520 for my rides with a wheel sensor, so I have the data I want, I have a Hero 7 Black but I'm loathe to use the built in GPS because it nails the battery and have had dubious speed results.

    I have made videos before using the Garmin data and GoPro footage and using Virb. The issue I have is that I would prefer to use Premiere Pro for as much as possible, but I'd be willing to use a second programme (Quik, Virb etc) then export the clip if it doesn't lose too much information before redoing everything in Premiere.
    Does anyone have an elegant work around for getting non-GoPro gps data into their videos?

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    Elegant? Not in the least.

    A dumbed down version I have used a couple times only:
    Export Garmin to Google Earth.
    Change the path color to a contrast from green.

    In Premiere (Elements), use some keying effects and key framing to key the map colors. One could eliminate the key frames and simply key the map so it's essentially transparent.

    All that gives me is a static image I can place on the frame someplace.
    Next piece of crap work is key frame a square/circle/arrow (whatever you choose) to animate it to match the clip you're playing back. You're right, it is as difficult as it sounds.

    It looks neat but is a crap ton of work for 4 people to see. I am not public, just share with select group of friends that may or may not ever watch my videos.

    One could probably also key the map in Premiere and snag a still frame once map appears to be transparent. Pop the new still frame in on top and image is there, still static, however.

    There is no additional data there aside from the path.

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    Yeah I've faffed around before. I like the overlays of Virb, but I'm using picture in picture etc so really want to use Premiere. Virb had awful export settings too.

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