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    GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero 8

    I just got a Hero 8 and after seeing some GoPro Max footage, I am not sure if I made the right decision.
    I know each one has its strong and week spot, so the decision for MTB isn't straight forward.
    Max won't do 4K in Hero mode or slow motion, but you can choose the best shot anytime, since it's recording 360 all the time. Max has also better stabilization because of the 360.
    What do guys think?

    What do you guys thing.

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    I think the appeal of the Max (I only have Hero Cameras) is that I could mount it on my helmet and get the rider behind me, or in front. Switching between the two. Rather than my present method which is having two cameras, one pointing forwards and the other rather dubiously on my Camlebak pointing backwards.

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    I bought a Garmin Virb 360 for similar reasons and sorely regret it. The stabilisation effect the 360 camera offers is incredible but I find the 360 videos difficult to work with, after processing it through the Virb edit software which stabilises and corrects the footage I couldn't do anything else with the video without trashing the quality. It looked awful when uploaded to YT and even worse if I tried to edit it. It's something I've kept meaning to try and spend more time with but I prefer just being able to use the footage without fiddling around plus the unreliability of the Virb has further been off putting.

    I also prefer the viewpoint from a chest mount compared to the helmet position a 360 camera needs to be in, I find the helmet position is too high and it doesn't give the same feel of being on the bike a chest mount does.

    As my gimbal setup isn't weather proof and with the Virb completely failing on me again when I decided to give it another shot, I'm now looking at the Osmo Action, GoPro 7 and the GoPro 8. I have been watching some reviews of the GoPro Max which is tempting but I think I'm going to hit some of the same issues I did with the Virb.

    I am curious to hear what other people's experience with 360 cameras is though.
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    I have a Rylo but recently got a GoPro8. The 360 was cool for a while, but the gimmicks kinda got old and the video quality was far inferior to the GoPro. The GP8 has great stabilization with the right chest mount (Stuntman) and fastened tightly. Some recent Sedona footage. I'm no great rider and don't do big jumps (lol, I'm 60, for crying out loud) but this shows how good the stabilization is I think.
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