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    Is a Chest or Helmet Chin Mount better for a Go Pro?

    Let me know what you think.

    No gimbal, just a straight GP Hero 7 Black.

    I'm on the fence. Pro's and cons to both. You can also see my video where I show chest vs chin mount footage comparatively on the same segments of trail.

    My only issue is the lighting is way different, but please tell me what you think. Not sure the chin is the solve all for footage of rides.

    Link below:

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    From the GoPro "Professional Youtubers", the chin mount on a full face helmet is better than the chest. Maybe a bit more stable, but better framing. With the chest mount, the bars/toptube/sky vary too much based on grade.

    I think the quality of a 7 is very good. It only took about 8 years to develop a usable camera for MTB sport. But in my opinion, it is a step backwards from the Gimbal.

    I believe the 7 has a place in the MTB world. But I don't think that place is full time use for 100% usable video.

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    My 7 blows me away. I don't need a Gimbal for what I am after. For context I am coming from a Hero 2 and a Hero 6.

    Helmet mount (when I do it at least) can make double blacks looks like garden pathways. Boring AF. Super sketch in the trees too. I am shocked I haven't busted it right off its helmet mount.

    Chest mount is a PITA for me, but at least it results in footage that is kinda interesting. I don't normally wear a full face, although I suppose I could come close, since I have a Super 2R. I just never attach the chin bar much.

    For me chest mount produces the most watchable footage, but yeah. It's a colossal pain in the ass.

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    I've only played around with mine for a few weeks, but I like frame mounted. Can see the front tire going over rocks and such. And pointed backwards gives a different view.

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    What I think I've learned so far:


    Better field of video trail view on downhill and uphill

    Full face I can't see my bike or obstacles as well
    Mic is closer to my mouth (Breathing is amplified)
    The camera can touch my chest when my chin goes down enough
    No bike cockpit view like chest on flatter surfaces

    I'm not sure I'm convinced the chin is best. Maybe I'll just switch it as needed. More testing needs to be done.

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