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    Wish me luck

    I am starting mtbr and this will be my first real season. I was wondering if i should get a motobecane 700ht, fantom comp, fantom trail.

    Since i am new I decided to save my money for when I get better and actually have skills to show. So I just bought the 700HT.

    I planned to have it assembled at LBS and hope to have a good time with it.

    Wish me luck

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    This sport can be difficult, but the payoffs are worth it if you are willing to work
    for it. Ride often if you can for short periods and try to go further on every ride.
    Get out and ride even when you don't want to because ten minutes into the ride you'll be glad you did.

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    My neighbor called one day a few years ago - 'Hey, I just bought a new mountain bike. I saw your old Trek in the basement, I'm looking for someone to go riding with.' I hadn't ridden in about 10 years. We went to Perry Hill...

    At the crest of the first pitch I could see my heartbeat in my eyeballs, and couldn't get enough air to yell for him to wait. By the top of the hill I wanted to throw up, but couldn't muster the strength...

    A few days later I was standing in the Ski-Rack signing a credit card receipt for a left over Gary Fisher hardtail with a lot better fork, and disc brakes. I've been hooked since. It can be difficult, and frustrating but also a great way to reset. It's hard to be concerned about a tough day at work when you're hunched over the front tree hoping the rear tire gets enough bite to get you over a wet root!

    Get what you want out of mountain biking - ride the terrain you like. For the most part - The bike isn't making the difference. I get reminded of this every time I run into the skinny single speeder on the full rigid - and get it handed to me...

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    Everyone here had a "first season." For me it was in '87. Best advice I can give is to keep it FUN.
    Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

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