• 01-08-2014
    Riding ATV trails in northern Maine
    Did some great fall riding up at Sugarloaf and in the Carrabassett valley last year. I was trying to find more offroad riding and found this ATV Trail - Moose Loop. Its a 140 mile trail that loops from Rangeley Lake, to Carrabassett Valley to Kingfield and back to Rangeley.

    This would make a great multi-day bike tour. Some of the photos show the trail as pack gravel and well maintained, so kind of like riding old logging roads. Just wondering if anyone in Maine has ridden up there and what is the reaction of ATV'ers to bikers on the trail. This doesn't look to be state land, so must be private and I wonder what that means if you travel on something other then an ATV.
  • 01-09-2014
    I did some riding in Salem (not too far from Kingfield) last summer but did not encounter any ATVs. A friend lives there and said it's no problem to ride bikes on the ATV trails. Most of this land is privately owned. Trail map is here.
  • 03-10-2014
    I live about an hour southwest of there, and although I have not been in that area, I can tell you that I ride ATV/snowmobile trails all the time. I have had no issues with anyone, and most know that if there's a bike outthere, it could be me.

    I may have to look into your loop :)