• 07-17-2012
    Kingdom Trails and the Burke Bike Barn
    Cannot wait to ride KT again but will have to wait until October. We have gotten a bit spoiled and the local trails just pale in comparison.

    Just booked another long weekend at Burke Bike Barn. This is the best place to stay when riding KT. We love the rustic look and feel of the place and it is right on the trails. The owners, Doug and Disa, are great to deal with.

    No affiliation with the owners or have any interest other than sharing a great find.

  • 07-19-2012
    Nice find, wife and I are returning this year, July 29-Aug 6 but staying on the mountain in the same condo we had last year. Its nice because its right on the main road to the summit but its smallish and being 2nd floor a bit of a PITA to keep the bikes on the balcony..
    Have to look into the Barn for next year.
    Pretty stoked about this year because I ditched my AM bike and now have a full spec DH bike that just happens to climb way better than my AM bike and is a better trail bike too.