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    Thoughts on Zeus geometry..

    I currently own an earlier model Ciclon. Since the first versions of hte Ciclon I see that the newer Ciclon's have a slightly longer top tubes then the original ones, slightly lower BB drop.

    For example, the Large Ciclon w/ 19.5" st 24.5" tt seems to be the sweet spot. At the time I actually had my Ciclon made custom L/XL, and ended up w/ 19.5" 24.7" TT. In retrospect, I guess I just custom built the now stock Large.

    Anyway... I really want to like the Zeus, and I've been itching to trade-in my Ciclon to get into one (650b).

    But when looking at the geometry numbers, I get a bit confused....

    I thought the trend for All Mountainy bikes is going for traditional to slightly longer top-tubes, designed for short stems, super wide bars, slacker angles. When I compare other AM 650b options, the seem to follow this trend.

    The Zeus looks to have longish seat tubes with pretty short top-tubes, for example the Large has 19.6" st with 24.0" top tube.

    Perhaps I'm splitting hairs, but I'm just curious to people's thoughts on this, or what are some of the design principles behind this?

    I'm biased though, cause I have long arms! And I know I can order custom... but was just curious. Thanks!

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    Others will have thoughts on the Zeus; I haven't ridden one. But if you decide the Zeus' geomtery isn't for you, I'd suggest trading in for a new Ciclon. The '12 Ciclon rips, and has something the Zeus can't match: 16.7" chainstays.

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    I ended up going with semi custom. 16 inch seat tube with 24 inch TT. Gives me the 30 inch of stand over I need and I can run a 70mm stem. I am just under 5-10.

    Really, the way I see it, if you are spending $$$$ on a frame why not get one that is exactly what you want if stock does not work. Not a big up charge especially with trade in. That is what I did.
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    I ordered the stock large and ended up running a slightly longer stem than I was used to riding. I sorta split the difference with wider bars and 10mm more on the stem. I'm not too sure if a 1/2 inch gain in the TT (and wheel base?) would have been worth the extra $, but the nice thing is that with Ventana the option is always there.

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