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    Long term thoughts on the Alpino?

    Thinking of trading my Terremoto in on a new Alpino to contend with the rocky, long-distance trails of southern Arizona. My build would be on the heavy end of the spectrum with a 130-140 mm fork, wide rims, and beefy tires. Long time Alpino owners, please feel free to offer your impressions on the updated pivot location, rear tire clearance, and all around feel of the bike.

    Thanks, Matt

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    Hey Matt, I think the problem with asking on this board is that MTBR is too small a sample of the general MTB audience and couple that with Ventana's small market share sometimes we don't get many replies or hit the right target.
    Having said that, I know of at least two Alpino owners (Both not on MTBR) who just praised the trailbikeness of the bike. Both were using it for XC/long rides with real MT landscape (not today's flow trail) and loving the efficient but compliant ride. I myself am now on a Zeus, that I use in the 140mm mode with 130mm engaged on my fork, more than the 160/160, as my do all bike. The pivot location delivers a refinement of the old ones characteristics, there's was a little bit of shock cycling before, that's now almost all gone, and if I really want to I can completely eliminate it with shock settings (I run the Cane Creek DB Inline) but I tend to run it more toward full open compression settings. Yet it still has the plush travel from before and maintains the stiffness laterally that I have come to appreciate (Still being a clyde). The rear triangle is the same for both bikes so the tire clearance is the same, in 140mm mode I easily clear a dam near plus sized WTB 2.3" Vigelante Tire, that is freaking huge on Stan's Flow Rims, I know Internal 14 (Myke) has a 2.4 WTB Riddler on Derby? wide rims on his Zeus. Just some food for thought.
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    Ciclista, thanks for the words. I love the description of praising the "trailbikeness" of the bike. Glad to hear that it can take a healthy sized, aggressive tire. The Terremoto has been fun, but the Alpino is sounding more and more what I need for long days on the Arizona Trail. Funnest flow trail that I have ridden in a quite a while!

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    The Alpino compared to the Terremoto will be night and day different.

    The Alpino will accelerate better, pop off small ledges better, handle square edge step-ups better, and all around go faster forward.

    The Terremoto was a great bike for it's day, but it sounds like you're more in to longer xc/AM loops and since you're in AZ you're dealing with a lock of rock. The Terremoto was boss at gobbling up the rough rocky trails. The Alpino will feel a bit more playful allowing you to pick and choose your lines, whereas the T-moto was so plush you tended to get a little lazy and bash along straight lining things.

    Tire clearance will NOT be an issue. Trust me.

    The new pivot placement keeps the power going forward. There's a bit more chain tension suspension stiffening(anti-squat) than before. The suspension rate stays plusher off the top, better mid range support, and a slight ramp up at the end. The old T-Moto tended to be very very active at the beginning and mid, having a tendency to blow in to the mid stroke and get to the bottom too fast.

    Short stem, wide bar, use dropper post. You'll be way faster and more efficient on the Alpino.

    IF you consider you're self a hucker or basher always looking for that next bigger ledge to drop off of, you might want to think about the Zeus. Run it in the 140mm travel at all times to keep it snappier, but still enough to swallow the big hits. Still pedals amazingly well. Bigger downtube.
    Downside to the Zeus, is it just might be too much bike for what you're using it for.
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    Myke, Thanks for the great info. It is sound more and more like the Alpino may be the one.

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