It's been 5 years....Time for a new Ventana-
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    It's been 5 years....Time for a new Ventana

    Charleston SC is not a great place for mountain biking. But it is a great place for fat biking . So Im seriously considering an el Gordo build for the beach. Ive been so out of the cycling loop for so long that I hardly know where to begin.

    So Im thinking fully rigid el Gordo with a Rolloff and Belt Drive. I would appreciate any positive or negative feedback regarding this as well as any thoughts on Beach friendly components. I don't mind spending the money on nice things but I don't want them dying untimely deaths either. SO any input on the build is appreciated.

    And yes, Id like to keep this thing reasonably light


    -- Michael

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    Hey Michael, welcome back.
    I think you'll find that while V makes one of the best and most versatile Fat bikes, there's not that many Gordo owners on this board. Instead, in MTBR's infinite wisdom, they've subdivided the heck out the boards and you might get more responses for parts in the FatBike Forum.
    -Aaron G.

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    I own an El Gordo (not a belt drive) and really enjoy riding it, but I've not used it on the beach - however there's a lot of sandy trails where I live and the fat tires make riding through sand much much easier.

    I agree, the fat bike forum is a better place to find info on parts recommendations.
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    I much prefer this room as one can take a beating if you don't agree with the 'experts' in the fat bike forum.
    I've owned a few fat bikes and the Gordo is the best of them all. Perfect frame geo... it suits my riding style very well. I've also logged many miles in the sand on it while on vacation.
    Michael, you are thinking the right way when it comes to sand riding. The Rohloff & Gates belt drive, while spendy, is a great choice for your style of riding. Eliminating a chain and a cassette helps in making a bike a bit more corrosion resistant. If I lived at the beach, that would be my set-up for sure.
    Wheel-wise, I run Whisky carbon rims mated to I9 hubs and spokes. Sea water does like to corrode aluminum, so a quick spray after each ride seemed to keep my spokes looking like new. Not sure how carbon holds up of time, but I'd bet it degrades less than steel and aluminum in your environment.
    There is a guy on the fat bike forum who I consider the resident beach riding expert... "coastkid." I suspect he would give you some great advice as well.
    Have fun with your new ride... you'll love it.

    My Gordo specs..
    Fork: Borealis Carbon 150mm spacing, 15mm thru-axel
    Bars: Whisky carbon
    Stem/Post: Loaded Precision
    Rims: Whisky carbon
    Hubs/spokes: Industry Nine (150mm front, 170mm rear)
    Cranks: Race Face Turbine
    Brakes: Shimano XT
    Headset: Chris King
    Grips: Ergon

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