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    El Cuervo shock set up help

    I am a bit of a newbe and just bought my first D.H. bike an 07 Cuervo. I have no manual. I know how to adjust preload, and add air as well as turn the dial. I am 200ish pounds should be 185 Lbs by the end of summer. What spring do I need? Recommendations on how to set up the Vanilla RC are appreciated.

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    400 or a 450# spring, depending on how soon you'll be at 185lbs. And are you weighing in with all gear and pack? If not, grab the 450#.

    On the Vanilla RC you'll have spring preload, compression and rebound damping to work with.

    Damping settings are very subjective to the rider. Weight only plays a small part in setting up the shock, 'preload'. As for compression and rebound settings that you'll have to answer a few more questions.

    Tracks you'll be riding all downhill with big drops and minimal pedalling? Fast? Slow? Lots of pedaling? How aggressive are you? Racer? Hucker?

    Have you spent a bunch of time and nailed your fork settings? If so, then match up the rear damping settings to balance the feel.
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    I'd say 210ish with gear maybe 200. This is mostly for DH with minimal pedaling. I am coming from a 4 inch travel cannondale rush to my first DH rig moderate speed and for now >4 foot drops. I have not spent much time with set up yet. Just one ride through some nasty boulder and rock stream beads I used to walk the rush through. There is a huge difference in how the bikes ride and perform. I intend to ride deer valley resort in utah quite a bit this year. Perhaps by the end of summer I will have a full face helmet and neck brace then maybe some hucking. I am 34 and mortal if I where 21 again I 'd still be too timid to do Redbull rampage stuff.

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    I'm 220 and 230ish with DH gear. I'm running a #500 spring. Matched with a Heavy spring for my Rock Shox. Fork does a LOT of the work in DH so setting that up proper made a big difference for me. Once I dialed the fork, set up the rear to match and been pretty happy. I ride mostly chunky stuff with not much air time (38 myself so I understand the '"mortal" all too well.)
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    So what compression and rebound settings are people using?
    DHX 5.0 -550 spring
    I'm running 7 clicks of propedal
    Volume all the way in and 125psi of bottom out pressure
    With about 1/2 was on the rebound.

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