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    "Custom Ventana El Fuego with a Fuel Geometry? bad move?"

    In my quest to have a FS XC race frame that feels and fits me better, one of the options I have come across is the Ventana El Fuego. I have been out demoing several bikes and so far like the geometry of the Trek Fuel and the Moots Smoothie. The Moots was a nice ride, but the suspension seemed to bob a bit too much while pedaling on flats (Fox ava suspension). The Fuel design and handling (kind of the genesis geometry) seem to fit me pretty well.....BUT I have a real concern with breakage issues with the Fuel (even though Trek has a good warranty) and I'm just not much of a Trek fan.
    "One" (of the many) of my options is to have a Ventana El Fuego built with a custom geometry that matches more along the lines of the Fuel. In my opinion this would/could solve some of my breakage concerns I have while getting the type ride I like.
    Does this seem like a sensible idea or is something that I should just steer away from. One of the remarks I got was if you like the Fuel geometry you should buy a Fuel. Don't mess with the El Fuego geometry as you may not get the ride you want.

    Stock 21" El Fuego geomerty: (I fall inbetween sizes, but need the longer TT)
    SeatTube: 21.4"
    TopTube: 24.6"
    HeadTube: 6.25"
    HeadAngle: 71.4degree
    Seat Angle: 73.7degree

    Custom geometry I was considering:
    SeatTube: 20"
    TopTube: 24.6"
    HeadTube: 5.5"
    HeadAngle: 71degree
    Seat Angle: 73.5degree

    Any thoughs, suggestions or recommendations?
    Charles from Hammerhead is sending me a shock to try out on My Racer X to see if the shock will be better than the Fox Float I am running. The Fox ramps up too quickly and the ride is pretty harsh. Not getting anywhere close to full travel even with the psi's about 20 psi below the recommended level. If the shock works a custom Ti Racer X is another option.


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    Ventana will do custom...

    Sure you could have ventana build you up a frame with similar specs to a fuel, why not any thing can be done. Belive that you would be making a mistake discounting the Fuego if you have not had the chance to ride one first hand.
    What I would do is test ride a El Fuego with the stock geometry, now ride the Fuel if possible on the trail and back to back.
    Ask your self which one was a better ride. Next take some measurements for custom frame spec.s and ask Sherwood to design a frame for you. Then have him build that one.
    Going with the Trek geometry may be a perfect fit for you, but if your going custom frame builder you might as well know that this is the correct decision before building a custom the same as a production.

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