Custom El Comadante Info needed-
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    Custom El Comadante Info needed

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new custom El Comandante. I currently have the old version with the eccentric BB in 24" super dust color. I love this bike, but I wanted to make a few tweaks.
    1. head tube angle bumped from 69.5 to 70.5
    2. lengthen the top tube 20mm (yes, I'm a large guy 6'7")
    3. add about 1.5" to steerer tube. I've heard they are going to a taper...awesome.
    4. color? undecided. I really like super dust so I may just get another.

    My current El C. has been a revelation. It is my first SS after swearing them off due to knee issues. Well, knees have never felt better since the switch. Single speeding suits my riding style of getting out of the saddle on climbs. I still ride gears on my other bikes, but very rarely. The stiffness and efficiency of the rear end and the power transfer out of corners is amazing. Yeah, I love this bike.

    Question: Are the new rocker/slider drop out rear ends as stiff as the old one's with EBB?
    Does anyone think the steeper HT angle will make the front "twitchy" on fast descents?
    Has anyone else done similar geometry changes with their El Comandate?
    I forgot to ask Teresa if the new frames are switching to PF30 BB. Anyone heard?
    Any and all input would be helpful. I was thinking about Ti, but with my size and weight I feel Aluminum is a better choice. My current ride is under 24# and is rock solid....other than the front end mostly due to fork/head tube/9mm axle. New ride with have Fox F29 taper with 15mm axle.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I can answer the dropout question, as I just answered in another thread, the swinging droupouts have been rock solid for me. While I'm 7" shorter than you I'm still well into clyde terrritory and I haven't had them slip once. I doubt that 70.5 will feel twitchy, my 650B with 71 feels perfect for ALL around riding.

    The best part of getting a custom frame is Sherwood still makes sure it will ride "like a Ventana" if your custom wants go too far out of the parameters that make a good handling/riding bike, he'll let ya know.
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    EBB is hit or miss. I do not miss maintaining my old EBB in a cold garage, late in the evening, in the middle of winter. I weigh 230 and it doesn't move or creak, ever.

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    my sliders have been good for the past 2ish years. no adjustment needed at all.
    I'm not a clydes, but I do drops and doubles and haven't had any problems with them moving about.

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