Commute/Up vs Down time-
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    Commute/Up vs Down time

    Just curious--what is the ratio for most of your rides? The one I do for training is an hour up a mountain road followed by a 5-minute descent on the trail (woohooooooooo) and then 25 min back to the house for a 90-min loop door-to door. The other trail I run a lot is about 50 min up the trail followed by 15 minutes down. The best trail is a shuttle run that is ten minutes up by truck and 20 minutes down, repeated until our legs are jelly. What about you guys?

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    my noon-time weekday loop (when I am not busy like i am now at work) is 1 hour office door back to office door.

    about 30 minutes pure single track climbing....10 minutes downhill.....the rest i would consider rolling.

    my last weekend ride was about 2 hours straight climbing on the fireroad......a 40 minutes downhill singeltrack......with another cumulative 45 minutes climbing......and about 30 minutes of what i would consider rolling stuff

    but it varies A LOT across the rides i do

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    My commute is 12.98 miles door to door with an 1800 foot net elevation difference. Downhill on the way in takes me about 35 minutes. Heading home takes me about 50-55 minutes, depending on how strong the wind is blowing and whether it is blowing up or down the canyon. The ride consists of 7 good sized rollers with 1, then 3, then 3 more, and 1 big climb up to my house where I push hard to keep a cadence of 50 rpm in my 39/25. Doing this commute twice a week is plenty.
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    My sunday ride varies from 3 to 6 hours my Thursday night ride about 2 to 3 hours.

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