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    Ciclon Vs. Tracer VPP


    I had the chance to ride the new Tracer for 3 days with RP23 and Talast 36 up front.

    I was realy impressed with the bike,the tracking , handling and pedal efficiency is amazing,its a great technical up/down,very stiff and the ride is plush when needed (like rock gardens).

    I dont have the option to ride the Ciclon (2009 with RP23),for those who ride both ,how do you compare them both ?


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    You will not find the pedal efficiency to be even close on the Ciclon but you really should try to get a ride on one....maybe ask on your local forum. You may prefer the geometry and balance of the Ciclon to the Tracer...not saying you absolutely will but it may have attributes you prefer but pedal efficiency is not one so if that is a biggie, stick to the new "mini-link" designs.

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    You should also consider VPP maintenance.

    As Flyer mentioned, Try to track down a Ventana.
    I figure the odds be fifty-fifty.

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    I recently got a Tracer and have ridden a ciclon only in a parking lot which isn't a really fair comparison. If I am not mistaken, the geometries with a fox 32 would be almost the same on a wheelbase, head angle and bb height basis. As such, they would be the same with a 36 as well. You can rake the Tracer out a bit more to around 67 degrees with a standard headset (numbers quoted with a flush) but by the same token you could get ventana's larger headset bottom cup and do the same with the ciclon.

    The Tracer will have a bit more rear wheel travel in the six inch setting (not sure if Ciclon is 5.5 now) but I am sure the difference is negligable but may make more of a difference if you are running a 36 or simliar as front and rear wheel travel will be a bit more in parity. The Ciclon will be a bit stiffer but the Tracer is drastically improved on stiffness vs the older intense offerings. Like the guy said above, the Tracer will be a bit more efficient on the climbs.

    Both great bikes and i am sure you really can't go wrong either way. My opinion would be its a toss-up if you plan on running a pike or 32 but I would give the edge to the Tracer if you plan on running a 36 with the option of running six in the rear.

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