WARNING - Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG = SCALOTTAS = and = TGANTIENI=- Mtbr.com
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    WARNING - Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG = SCALOTTAS = and = TGANTIENI=

    DO NOT USE = SCALOTTAS = and = TGANTIENI= lifts, if you have DROPER seat post.

    Thy way, they transport the bike DAMAGED (scratched) MY DROPER POST. It's scratched from rear side, so this is not design, but functional problem. Spare part costs 2/3 of the price of new dropper and the rest 1/3 will be the work in service.

    This is their dishonest and unscrupulous reaction:

    "After careful considerations and talks with all involved employees we cannot fully follow your explanations about the scratches you mentioned. From our point of view it is not comprehensible that these scratches occurred during the transport therefore we are not able to take over the costs you mentioned."

    The scratch cannot be captured well by mobile, as it is a bit shiny - the scratch and the body of scratched piston also. This is what they see from one picture, their staff made in the dark of cash desk room:

    "Likewise in case of any liability for damaged bikes we will not be committed to refund you the value as new, but the actual cash value. Nevertheless in our opinion, these scratches will not impair the function of the Bike in general. If the scratches are sharp we would recommend to use a sandpaper to reduce the sharp spots on the telescopic part."

    They deeply regret the unlucky experience I made and asked me to accept their sincere apologies.
    I'm deeply regretting my visit to this village and I'm ready to accept refund for the damage.

    If you have the same experience with this lift and they damaged your seat post or even dropper post, please write me: [email protected]
    I'm prepared to kick their ankles a bit, as Reverb is really not a cheap joke.


    The way they damage droppers is attached (not my bikes, even not with dropper - pictures from internet).

    WARNING - Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG = SCALOTTAS = and = TGANTIENI=-2.jpgWARNING - Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG = SCALOTTAS = and = TGANTIENI=-1.jpg

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    sorta a dumb way to hang bikes but just wrap a sock around the seatpost and go riding
    they aren't going to change every chair but it's trivial to wrap your post with something to protect the finish
    "Put your seatbelt back on or get out and sit in the middle of that circle of death." - Johnny Scoot

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    Hello loopback, they damaged the dropper during the first and only ride, so I did not know, I have to protect the bike. 8-(
    And the hooks are not part of a chair - it is just a piece of metal they hang on the back part of the seat, they have only few pieces (20 max imho), so they can check them and wrap time to time. 8-(
    Very careless. Especially when you cannot put the bike on it yourself and the chair shake on each wheel on every column.

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    New reaction

    According to these information we are not able to give you another answer as you have already received from our Sascha Mangold. There has yet never been any incident with scratches. So this was not a standard reply but what resulted after talking to our employees and a check at the transportation system.

    (Do not know, according which information...)

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