Booked an excursion mid June with Aaron to do the epic mountain bike ride. I'm a weekend warrior trail rider, so not in the best of shape, however ok enough for a good 2 - 21/2 hour I thought. Being from the flat lands of TX., use to the heat, but St. Croix has climbs and heat. Be sure to bring lots of water and dress light. Other than that, you'll enjoy the ride. Aaron picked me up at a local restaurant, Rowdy Joes (wish I had time after the ride to grab a beer there). After setting up my ride, we started with fire road climbs to the top of Eagle Point and the road never leveled out. In fact when we hit single track to get to the top, it got steeper! All during the ride, Aaron provided information about the island, history and long term plans for mountain biking the area. Turning down hill after absorbing the fantastic view was a blast, well worth the climb. Aaron took me around on some additional single track that was tight and twisty in the rain forest. This part had some climbs, but not as steep as going to the top of Eagle Point, however a lot of the trail tilts down, so riding around trees and turns keeps you smiling. Before I knew it, we had to head back for my ride pick up. In the end, only rode about 11 miles for the time we rode, however the workout felt like we rode 20 miles.
Aaron has a great local connection, his shop is located near some cottages that are available for someone like myself that would enjoy a more intimate stay in St. Croix away from the resorts and such. I definitely would like to stay there on my next trip, and bring my mountain bike.
Aaron, hat off to you and thanks for putting together a real mountain bike ride!VI bike and Trail tour.  U.S. Virgin Islands / St. Croix-eagle-point-strava.jpgVI bike and Trail tour.  U.S. Virgin Islands / St. Croix-eagle-point.jpg