• 08-19-2016
    Road Tripping New Zealand in January Questions
    Does anyone have any experience on roadtripping New Zealand? I plan on spending about 3 weeks in January in NZ with my girlfriend for a mix of mountain biking, hiking and jumping out off or out of things.

    Has anyone tried to hire a campervan that can fit bikes? I've heard it's basically cheaper to get a hire car and stay in hotels? What is the camping situation like in NZ - can I stop a campervan almost anywhere and stay the night? What about tent camping?

  • 08-20-2016
    If the camper is fully self-contained (toilet) then you're pretty much good to go.
  • 12-20-2016
    I'm heading to NZ for the month of February. Any advice is appreciated from those who have done it. Specific questions...
    Ship my bike (from Montana) or rent / buy one there?
    More info re: rental vans / RVs, camping recommendations (going with wife and 9 year old daughter and plan to camp most of the time)?
    We'll be based out of Christchurch - bike shop / MTB info hub recommendations on the South Island?
    Specific trail recommendations? I tend toward XC riding but do like some tech. I love loop rides that involve huge climbs and descents.