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    Pacific Northwest end of July?

    Hi all, I am looking for some suggestions for places to ride in the Pacific Northwest. I know there are a plethora of trails to choose from but looking for some guidance as I have never been there. I will be flying into Seattle on a Saturday, have a wedding to go to on Sunday then I have until the following Saturday night to ride and explore with another friend who will be joining. I will be shipping or flying my bike out and renting a car.

    Giving a brief resume as people are always asking which trails to ride when visiting my home trails and that really depends on the person. I consider myself in better than average fitness for my age, and skilled rider. Pisgah National Forest in WNC are my home trails. I have ridden trails like the Tetons Pass, Moab, and the Torridons.

    So the idea would be to make my way up to Whistler and back within that week riding along the way. Will probably rent a DH bike at Whistler so I don't destroy my HD3 there. I love technical riding and jumps but I will be the first to admit probably some of the more difficult trails at whistler are above my pay grade. Also while I definitely want to ride whistler, park riding really isn't my thing. I would really like to ride more wilderness singletrack that have technical features.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!
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    You should x post to the WA forum. There's lots of great trails right in the Cascades if you like wilderness singletrack.

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    I'll second the x-post in the WA forum, but you have to plan on an afternoon at Duthie Hill Park.
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    Thanks I have looked at the WA forum and will X post there as well. I have also looked at the Western Canada forum. I guess a little information overload and option paralysis. I would like to spend more time riding than driving so I think maybe focus on a couple of areas. I essentially have 7 days to ride. 2 of those days would be shortened due to driving. I am thinking heading up to Squamish Monday, making it base camp. Seems like lots of trails in Squamish area and Whistler is close as well. I think I am going to stay in Squamish through Thursday, then drive back towards Seattle Thursday night and ride some trails in that area Friday and Saturday.
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    I've lived in Whistler for 4 years and Vancouver Island the rest of my life before that and haven't come close to riding everything between Seattle and Whistler, though I've done a little bit just about everywhere. Pemberton 30 minutes north of Whistler is awesome too. Option paralysis indeed.

    A base in squamish would be sweet, riding there has a ton of variety, though the anemities+night life+restaurants+lots of options for accommodations in Whistler make it a good option too, weigh your priorities for staying in a smaller sleepy town vs a hoppin busy one, like what do you want to do when you aren't riding? Also Whistler has a ton of trails outside of the DH park too, the way you worded your post made it seem like you aren't aware of that. Pemberton has great options for bigger rides, but the climate and aspect of a lot of the trails can make it tough up there in a mid summer dry spell, gets a lot hotter there.

    Bellingham has super good riding too, like 45 minutes south of the border, could break up a driving day there with a ride there. And haven't mentioned North Vancouver either.

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