Need a few people for New Zealand Nov. 21 thru Dec. 3

Here's the skinny fellow MTBr's. Me and a buddy are booked and confirmed for a 13 day Mountain Biking trip on the South Island with H&I adventures November 21 thru December 3 2016. H&I has a few spots still open as this will be an epic trip if anyone wants to come along. Contact H&I through the website and talk to Catherine. Price for 2 Guides and all lodging as well as transportaion and some meals is $3,680.00
There are many unique moments in this Itinerary with lots of cultural immersion and from what I hear the best natural riding eco systems on the planet.
Airfare is still required.

At the very least check out the website as this is the company that does the Yeti International Tribe tours.

Mountain biking tour in New Zealand: Storm the South Island